Fifth Grade Virtual Assignments

Virtual learning (makeup) day

5th Grade   January 17th     

Dear Parent/Guardian:  

This checklist is being provided to help you and your child know exactly what needs to be completed to satisfy the virtual learning day requirements. Please realize that in order for your child to be counted as “present” for this virtual makeup day in January, he/she must adequately complete the assignments given. Students will be given the assignment on Tuesday, January 17th and will have all week to complete the work. It will not be due until the following Tuesday, January 24th. Please note that there are options for both online and paper/pencil assignments. It is not a requirement to have a computer or internet access in order to successfully complete the work. Families will be able to come to Delaware on Tuesday the 17th and Thursday the 19th from 4:00-6:00 and work in the cafeteria.

Students can find internet and computer access at Central Library, the Dream Center, YMCA, and Stringtown Library. Many restaurants have free wifi available as well.

The 5th grade team will be available during the following times to assist students and answer any questions that may arise when trying to complete this work:

Mr. Johnston – 3:30-5:15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Mrs. Hoffman / Mrs. Murray / Mrs. Price/ Mrs. Walker  – 7:00-7:35, 3:30-4:00 Monday-Thursday

Ms. Cannon/ Mr. Elliott/ Mrs. Bowling – Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5:00


Student Name________________________________________________________ 


Due Date



Daily Math Review (paper/pencil)

January 24


Math lesson (online option): ALEKS assignment

January 24


Math lesson (paper/pencil option): If you complete the ALEKS assignment ONLINE, then you will not need to complete the paper/pencil version.

January 24


Social Studies lesson: Colonies Map (paper/pencil)

January 24


ELA task: Articles and questions - Thirty Minutes Alone & The Work Day

January 24


ELA task: Grammar Quiz

January 24



5th Grade ELA Assignments-            

Instructions- Log on to your Google Classroom using your Gmail account login.  That email is- and your password is the same on you use to log in to your computer.

On Google Classroom there will be a link to your assignments. You will complete 2 articles and answer the multiple choice questions. The first link on Google Classroom will be to You will sign in using your Gmail account on this site too. You have two articles to read and respond to.The first article is titled Thirty Minutes Alone and the second one is called Work Day. The next part of your assignment is the second link on Google Classroom. This link will lead you to a Grammar Quiz. Here is the link in case you have issues with Google Classroom. You will log in with you Gmail account for this assignment also. Answer the Grammar questions given to you and submit when you are done.


Log in to ALEKS. There will be a 10 question homework assignment available for you. Complete this assignment online OR use the paper/pencil copy in your packet. You will NOT need to complete both. 

Complete the paper/pencil daily math review page.

5th Grade Social Studies Assignment –

Use the map in your Social Studies journals to label the map of the 13 English Colonies.

Download Copy Here